our facility

In 1988 we opened shop in a 1,500 square foot rental unit.  We soon took over 3 more units before deciding it was time for us to move to our own building.   In 2004 we made that move to our present location.  After a couple years here we added on a 4,500 square foot addition. We now have 12,000 square feet filled with several cnc mills (up to 30" of Y travel and 50" of X travel), several cnc turning centers (up to 18" diameter) as well as 2 moriseiki turning centers with y-axis and live tooling for turning and milling  in the same operation.


why Sulecki Precision Products Inc?


we would love to answer them.

our team

​​Almost anyone can find a building and fill it with machines. What sets Sulecki Precision apart from other machine shops is our employees. We are not a revolving door of people looking for temporary employment.  Our employees take pride in what they do. Together we have roughly 200 years of experience, while more than half of our employees have worked here over 20 years. This means efficiency, accuracy & dependability.